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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Custom Paintwork

Here's a great Quick Guide to Custom Paintwork

There is an unlimited variety of paintwork finishes and effects that can now be achieved with the right materials and expertise. This allows you to make your car styling as individual as yourself.

There are many manufacturers in custom paint finishes with quality products that allow you to achieve striking custom paintwork finishes. Using these products you can achieve:

Candy colours
Metal flake finishes.
Pearl finishes
Hyperbase colours
Killer colours (Fluorescents)

A wide variety of colour concentrates are available giving you an almost unlimited colour range to allow your creativity to run wild.

Find a professional refinisher who has suitable facilities and equipment and is prepared to carry out the work. Check out the colour charts and decide on the type of finish you want.

When finished, show it off to the world. That's what car styling is all about!

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