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Thursday, 25 December 2008


At one point in time, everyone one of us has seen a lowered vehicle of some sort. Whether it’s a Honda Civic or a Lincoln Navigator, the uses and methods used to lower vehicles comes in a range of cheap to expensive and dangerous to safe. In this guide, I hope to explain some of the most common methods used and my opinion of them when car styling.

Let’s start with the basics. What is the point of the suspension? It’s not to make your butt feel nice. It’s basic use is to keep the friction of the tire on the road. Without keeping the tire in contact with the road, the car will just go in one direction. You won’t be able to turn because there won’t be anything pushing your car in any other direction. Given that basic fact, no matter what your reason is for lowering a car (looks, performance, etc), you must make sure to keep that basic idea in mind.

So now that you have that understanding, what are the components to lowering the car. There are three basic components: Springs, Shocks, Leaves, and Torsion Bars. Springs and shocks are used mostly on cars and light SUV’s. They can either be separated or come as one unit called a strut(which is very commonly used). A strut is nothing more than a shock pushed inside the spring. Leaves are usually used in the rear of heavy duty trucks and we won’t cover it as not many people actually lower heavy duty trucks as much. Torsion Bars too Aren’t as popular.

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