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Sunday, 4 January 2009


Flames are one of the oldest painting techniques still used to this day when car styling. They can radiate from pretty much anywhere on the vehicle. Front, sides, wheels, the list is endless though the most popular by far is flowing them from the front. They can come in varying effects from long flowing, short stubby and can be single or multi-coloured.

Perhaps the most traditional flame job is red , orange and yellow flames on a black background giving a visual feeling of power and performance to any vehicle.

Ghost flames can give a subtle but striking effect without giving that 'in your face' look. Tribal flames have also become more popular over recent years giving a more quirky look to the flame design.

Every painter has there own method of masking but the most popular seems to be the use of a mild adhesive-backed masking paper to entirely cover the surface of the vehicle before drawing the flames on then carefully cutting out the flames ready to spray the exposed area.

Done correctly, flames can be the finishing touch to any vehicle.

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