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Sunday, 4 January 2009


Along with flames, pinstriping is one of the oldest car-styling paint arts and is mostly used to enhance the natural, flowing lines of a vehicle. It is also used widely with great effect to finish off the edge of a 'flame job' or lettering.

Originally, very unique and creative designs were hand-striped using very fine camel hair brushes and although this technique is still very popular, there are a number of adhesive transfers that can be used very effectively. The advantages of the latter are that they can be removed much more easily if the mood changes and a different design can be applied. Whichever method is chosen, it's a good idea to draw some sketches on a sheet of paper to get some ideas of what you want.

If hand-striping, the best paint to use is synthetic enamel as used by sign writers as it covers in one coat and dries slowly allowing any mistakes to be rectified easily. The right brushes also need to be used. Flat handled 'dagger' brushes are best used for straight lines whereas round handle 'sword' brushes are best for curves. If done correctly pinstriping can have a subtle yet stunning effect on any vehicle.

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