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Friday, 2 January 2009

Car Styling - Frenching

Frenching, also known as tunneling, is one of the oldest and most effective custom tricks and is the art of recessing obtrusion's giving them a 'sunken in' look to create clean simple lines to the vehicle.

The process can be applied in several ways to head/tail-lights, aerials, license-plates etc, and is a common modification used on leadsleds and customs since the 1930's. The art is still widely used to this day on the likes of Mini-Trucks and Lowriders and many other genres.

The history behind the name is vague and comes from the idea that early French car makers were doing this early in the life of the car, or it takes its name from a style of kissing but generally it's believed the name originates from the end result looking like a French cuff of a shirt sleeve, which has a ridge at the end.

If well executed, this can add so much style to the right vehicle.

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