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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Roof Chops

Lowering the roofline of any vehicle is one of the hardest aspects of car styling but most direct route to creating a streamlined effect so not for the faint-hearted or beginner. Lots of thought and planning need to go into the preparation before any cutting or grinding begins. Consider carefully what is involved. Amongst others, time, patience, assistance, tools and above all, welding capabilities.

The process basically involves cutting the desired amount out of the roof and pillars then welding the sections back together. Roof Chopping is far easier in theory than in practice. Earlier cars of the twenties and thirties prove relatively easy due to the fact that it's just a case of lowering the rectangle that the side view presents. Later cars present much more of a problem with their curved glass and tapered and raked pillars needing very skillful metalwork to to section and re-join the roof. The glass also becomes a problem to cut on later cars.

Think carefully before deciding if 'hammering the lid' is what you want. You could end up with a roofless car and lots of useless spare panels!

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