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Friday, 2 January 2009


Louvers were first used by the early salt lake racers in Southern California when car styling. They were 'punched' in hood panels, deck lids and almost anywhere else to help relieve air pressure when travelling at high speeds. A fairly simple modification that can add real appeal when applied to the right area and a car with the right louvers can simply 'look' faster.

Louvers soon became commonplace on all types of street cars and although basically copying the racing look they were carefully applied to be aesthetically pleasing. The most common place to louver was on hood panels, although for street originality many were punched into fenders, turret tops and side skirts.

This trend has resurfaced in recent years with many cars being built to look like they were built back in the fifties and the louver is an essential feature to have in gaining that look.

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